What is KwikPost?

KwikPostTM is a welding system for post welding that drastically increases the efficiencies involved in the process of ear post welding. A simple control unit allows you to set the welding time and welding intensity. It is connected to the PIN Module unit, which provides a simple holding chuck that secures the post and a welding shoe that provides the aiming target for the work piece.

Working with KwikPostTM offers the following key benefits:     

                        - Savings on soldering materials and solder

      - Precise post welding in fractions of seconds

                     - No skilled staff required

                     - No rework or cleanup required

                     - No soft earring posts through soldering heat

                     - Every post welded in precise 90 angle

      - Hard durable posts with precision-cut threads

      - Fast and efficient manufacturing

      - Superior technology for superior earring quality

Earrings posts available in silver and gold alloys


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